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This summer our 14th annual event will host over 500 guests at the Lynnwood Event Center from all over the Pacific Northwest, as many as 10 states, and Canada.

The Pacific Northwest Mouse Meet is known as the BEST Disney fan event in the country as noted by so many guests and guest speakers. This unique and intimate event hosts over 500 guests each year and offers a variety of Disneyana Vendors, Authors, Travel Professionals, Podcasters, Fan Displays, Interactive Games, Disney related guest speakers, fun and funny original videos, and an exciting environment where Disney fans can meet, enjoy, and share their passion for Disney!

Our execution team is the best in the industry and we are proud to present the finest Imagineers, Animators, Film Directors and Producers, Voice Actors, and more. We are honored to have an extremely dedicated fan base who are the biggest Disney fans in the country!


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