Black Box Theater

Address & Directions

20310 68th Ave W



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Multi-use, 200-seat venue for community events & live performances including theater, dance & music.

Driving Directions

From I-5 north or south, take exit 179 for 220th Street Southwest.

If driving via I-5 South, turn RIGHT (west) onto 220th St SW.
If driving via I-5 North, turn LEFT (west) onto 220th St SW.

Continue west on 220th St. SW until you reach Highway 99/Aurora Avenue North.

Turn RIGHT onto Highway 99/Aurora Avenue North.

Continue on Hwy 99 until you reach 204th Street SW.

Turn LEFT onto 204th Street SW.

At the traffic circle, continue STRAIGHT across to stay on 204th Street SW and enter the college campus.

Black Box Theater is in Mukilteo Hall, the second building on the right.