Camille Dixon

DCA Park Announcer


Meet the voice of California Adventure!

Images of Camille

Camille Dixon is heard in Southern California as the Park Announcer for Disney California Adventure and as a promo voice on PBS SoCal. She is the signature voice for Kroger-owned Smith’s, King Soopers and City Market in the Intermountain West. Camille’s narrations bring vitality and clarity to every endeavor from automotive repair to x-ray technology. Non-broadcast clients include Allergan, Cisco, Hyundai, Liberty Mutual, Raytheon and Toshiba.

On television, Camille has built a career sharing knowledge and understanding of our world as host of numerous PBS pledge specials. Her work with public broadcasting began as a classical music host on public radio for ten years. Camille is the host and co-producer of the public television series, “ON TOUR: Exploring Creativity and Innovation”.