Jonathan “The Voice” Dichter

Host on All About the Mouse


Host on All About The Mouse, which is a weekly podcast featuring Disney news, interviews, and discussions, in an interactive format that involves the listener.

Jonathan is a Seattle resident, but his home away from home lies with the Disney Vacation Club. Jonathan first made his breakthrough in the Disney community as The Voice of Mousetunes where he would contribute voicemails and intros for the now-defunct Mousetunes podcast. Shortly after that, Jonathan started his own blog at Jonathan officially began co-hosting All About the Mouse with Bryan on episode 12 and has brought a unique, chaotic flare to the show. Jonathan “The Voice” Dichter, as he is known in certain circles, is also a practicing lawyer in Seattle. Additionally, he enjoys practicing improv, which he is happy to unleash as he brings a fun and light-hearted perspective to AATM each week.