Charita Carter

Senior Creative Producer, Walt Disney Imagineering


Get to know this amazing and talented engineer!

For 8 years Charita served as Development Manager of the Scenic Illusion team. The Scenic Illusion team was an application and integration team, focused on developing new tools and techniques to supply designers with new and expanded capabilities for storytelling. Under her management, the Scenic Illusion Team was awarded in excess of 20 patents on the company’s behalf.

She currently serves as Senior Creative Producer and has delivered attraction projects in the Walt Disney World, Disneyland Resort, and Tokyo portfolios and has lead several special projects such as the Maker Faire Exhibit and Parks and Resort’s D23 Exhibit (a convention for Disney fans).​

Charita also received the prestigious Walt Disney Legacy Award for “Keeping the Magic Alive through exemplary performance and commitment to the traditions and ideals established by Walt Disney” which also allows her the privilege of wearing a Blue Name Badge.

Out of the office, Charita serves her community as a facilitator of women’s ministries, an awarding winning nature photographer, a commercial hand model, and an avid gardener.

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​Charita’s exciting Presentation, entitled, “Join me in the Sandbox: A Decade of Scenic Illusions”, will take us on a journey behind the scenes in how Charita and her team create new ways, tools and forms of storytelling for Guests in Disney Parks around the world.​